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We help families to fight addiction among their loved ones and bring families together as they always should be. Addiction can ruin entire families financially, emotionally and affect the health of everyone.  That is the reason why we decided to help families to fight this curse.


Overcoming dependence is also done by speaking. Richie did many, many interventions in which he explained how he lived his addiction and his path to recovery. Even if each case is unique, talking about it is a curial step towards healing.

You are not alone in this fight and we will help you overcome your addiction and strengthen your family ties to have a strong family.


Addiction can lead to paths that are hard to come back from, but with the help and support, it is possible to come back stronger than ever. To help you rebuild, we can help you find a job to regain your importance in society and be proud of what you produce.


The purpose of our association is not only to give you the motivation to overcome addiction but also to help you to have a definitive recovery. To do so, we will give you the support needed to find the most appropriate rehab center for your needs. We can even help you financially to some extent to stay in the center if you don't have the finance for it.

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