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About Us

Addiction is a serious thing that affects not only the health, mind, and body of a person but also destroys a relationship and a family over time. With the initiative of our family members, we created a wide community group of people which primarily and importantly focuses on helping the victims of addiction and the families of the addicts all over the world by educating them, spreading awareness, providing them the support they need, and help them recover themselves to become healthy again.

Why we decided to create FFA

Being immersed in addiction during my youth, I know the difficulties that one can have once in this trap. With the support of my family and a strong will to get out of it, I have overcome my addiction and now I want to help families and people suffering from addiction to find a balanced and happier life. FFA was created to be able to best help people by listening to and understanding their history because each case is unique.

We listen to your story

We are open-minded to hear people's stories about their past and current experiences of addiction and struggles. We believe that by reaching out to people and families, we will be able to help them to end the stigma of addiction. We want to hear from you, so contact us when you need.

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