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Every donation counts. Families Fighting Addiction is an association created to help families to get over addiction if their loved ones but to continue this fight day after day we also need your support. Your donations will help us to help families, day after day, who wish to have help to fight the addiction of their loved one. We can also directly help people with addictions to guide them towards their recovery.

How it does help up

Our goal is to support those struggling with addiction and the families of those struggling that do not have the means to get the help they need and deserve. Through donations, we get them the help they otherwise would not be able to receive. The people donating are saving lives and are giving them a chance to live.


We assist in placement into detox rehab and any cost or down payment for a safe sober living home. We provide transport to treatment. We provide basic living needs and things they need to start their lives over, such as clothing toiletries bikes to get to and from their jobs. We also assist in finding them employment. Also if it is reasonable we assist with any medication for any person suffering from dual diagnosis and for any person involved in mat program (medically assisted treatment).

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